My Fabulous Gay Wedding

The second season of My Fabulous Gay Wedding, also known as First Comes Love focuses on engaged same-sex couples and their journey into marriage. Please stay tuned for further information on the show!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Dolphins Fight for Same-Sex Marriage

Well, not really. But it is true that dolphins have homosexual tendencies in the males. Apparently, couples of males spend their entire lives together as affectionate companions and only look for females to reproduce. Sometimes, the couples live with other couples and form foursomes! They probably all go out for sunday brunch as well.
Take a look!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Gay Marriage Thing Now Available for Home Viewing

An un-documentary that presents the politics, the piety and the people embroiled in and affected by the same-sex marriage debate, The Gay Marriage Thing resonates with everyday people on all sides of this heated issue. Twenty years from now history books will recount the events fueling the debate over same-sex marriage. What will get lost, however, in the telling of events are the human emotions. More than a documentary, The Gay Marriage Thing is a human history of the civil rights struggle of our time. In a constantly changing cultural landscape this quiet American story will remain a powerful window into the humanity of a great nation.

Director Stephanie Higgins’ extensive production experience from HD, editing, graphics and a host of roles in media production formed the technical motivation for directing and producing The Gay Marriage Thing. Winner of the prestigious Emerson College 2000 EVVY Award for Best Graduate Project upon earning her Master’s Degree in Visual Media Arts, Higgins has continued her driving desire to learn by delving into a wealth of production, editing, graphics design, and media manipulation applications. This multitude of experience has led Higgins to establish SassyMedia. The Gay Marriage Thing marks Higgins’ directorial debut.

The only film of its kind to present a balanced look at the politics, the piety, and the people embroiled in and affected by the debate over same-sex marriage, The Gay Marriage Thing has gained success at both gay and mainstream festivals including the Boston Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Reeling: The Chicago Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, The Breckenridge Festival of Film, The New England Film and Video Festival and this November will screen as part of the 2006 Artivist Film Festival in Hollywood.

It's biggest success so far, however, has been the discussions the film has started and deepened. Both straight and gay audiences resonate with The Gay Marriage Thing. The narrative style allows audiences to move beyond the headlines to human emotions.

View the Trailer here:

You can purchase the home video by calling The Cinema Guild at 1-800-723-5522.

Please visit the Official Website.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

My Fabulous Gay Wedding Casting Couples in Toronto, Vancouver and Ottawa Regions

Elvira Kurt is on the hunt for new queer couples getting married in 2006! If you're planning on getting married in the Toronto, Vancouver or Ottawa regions, My Fabulous Gay Wedding wants you!

On August 15th, Elvira Kurt attended the wedding of Joa and Denis, the first of the Fabulous Gay Couples to tie the knot. Denis was in tears throughout the entire ceremony: “I can not put into words what this day has meant to me. Everything has been so overwhelming, I do not even know what to say”. Married in the giant vault at One King West in Toronto, the couple was congratulated by friends and family, some having traveled all the way from Europe. Joa was most emotional getting a video salutation from his best friend Anke who could not travel from Germany for the special day. The evening was a complete success and Kurt could not have been more honored by the final results of the wedding: “These guys really needed and deserved this, I am so happy for both of them and their families”.
MTV’s gay and lesbian oriented station LOGO announced in May 2006 the renewal of the queer nuptial reality program known in the United States as First Comes Love. In Canada, audiences will watch on a soon-to-be-announced network north of the border.

The show is actively seeking same-sex couples that plan on getting married. This season will highlight the diversity of the queer community focusing on the rich and dramatic stories of each relationship. Articulate, energetic and enthusiastic couples that are eager to share their story and their wedding are encouraged to apply by emailing

Ex NJ-Governer who Opposed Gay Marriage Wants Gay Wedding

So what's the deal with Jim McGreevey? He was opposed to same-sex marriage, had an affair with Israeli Marine, hooked up his boyfriend with a government job he was unqualified for, wrote a book about it and now uses God as a pretext on Oprah? On top of that, he says he wants to marry his partner! This guy flip-flops more than the footwear of the same name.

Read more about McGreevey on these links:

NY Daily News
Ny Daily News (McGreevey on Oprah)
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Monday, September 18, 2006

Nepal Celebrates First Gay Wedding

Not sure how I missed this, but on August 26th, the first couple of gay men were "married" in a small ceremony in Nepal. Gay marriage and homosexuality in general are outlawed in Nepal. Read the full article in Uk Gay News.

"Cheerful and courageous Diya Kashyap (21) and Anil Mahaju (31) hope Nepalese society will accept their relationship and love – and the country’s new constitution will recognize their union." Seems as if even the homos in Nepal are fans of David Beckham. Mmmm David Beckham.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

MTV PSA Asks if Equal Marriage Threatens the Institution

Please check out this very funny PSA from MTV. The clip features several "threats" to a married couple ringing the doorbell, and asks if a gay couple in tuxes is really that big of a threat.

Elvira Kurt Loves Fabulous Gay Couples

After filming the first two episodes of First Comes Love/My Fabulous Gay Wedding, host Elvira Kurt has gotten to know both couples quite well. "Joa and Denis are such a handful! They're a riot!" says Elvira of the first couple. Joa, Denis and their families connected so well with Elvira, that Joa's mother even knitted a hat for Elvira's baby. Elvira isn't the only funny one on the set with these two around: "Denis actually keeps me on my toes, he's so quick! He also doesn't stop hitting on me!"

The laughter never stopped when Elvira chatted with Fern and Susan. "My sides hurt from laughing so much!" claimed Susan after a painfully funny interview with Elvira discussing their family plans. Fern wants Elvira to stick around after the shoot, "I hate thinking that this is over and we're not going to see her again! I really want to keep in touch!"

Elvira felt quite attached to both couples and really felt the love at both weddings. "I love being the one to give them so many pieces of good news!" Elvira presented Joa with an emotional message from his best friend in Germany which brought tears to the room. She also gave Fern a video message from her mother the day of the wedding after a very emotional argument with her about having a religious ceremony at a same sex wedding just a few days earlier. Elvira was there while Fern finally had closure on a very touchy subject with her mother.

Elvira is at them again, getting to know our next Fabulous Gay Couples: Brian and Neal are getting married in October in a very extravagant wedding! Jen and Emily are flying in from Virginia in December to finally get hitched! How will the next Fabulous Gay Weddings turn out? Please stay tuned and watch the first season on Logo!

Read more on Fern and Susan's wedding and see photos by Alessandro Garofalo by CLICKING HERE.
Read more on Joa and Denis' wedding and see photos by Capture Your Day by CLICKING HERE.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

New Jersey Awaits Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

It seems as if the cousin of forward thinking Massachusetts, New Jersey is next in line for equal marriage. An answer must be given before October 25th by the state's supreme court. Read the full article on 365 Gay .

Friday, September 01, 2006

Fern and Susan Celebrate their Fabulous Gay Wedding!

On August 27th, after 13 (or is it 15?) years of being together and raising their 7 year old Ronny, Fern and Susan finally broke the glass at a beautiful conservation area in Woodbridge, Ontario. The Kortright Centre provided a beautiful backdrop to their traditional Jewish ceremony. The Rabbi declared them married under the eyes of God, and in front of their entire families. Host Elvira Kurt and wedding planner extraordinaire were delighted with all the results. "This was such a fun wedding, it was just so moving" said Elvira after the ceremony was over.

Catering and Decor were provided by Big Al's Catering Service who can be reached at (905)549-0335.

Fern and Susan had a wonderful meal the night before the wedding at Voglie on Church Street.
They can be contacted at (416) 929-9108.

Susan enjoyed her last night before the wedding at the Gloucester Square Inn

All photography was provided by the talents of Alessandro Garofalo. Alessandro is also providing the lovely brides with a stunning leather-bound album. Please take a look at some more pictures by clicking HERE

To see Joa and Denis' wedding, click HERE

Equal Marriage For Same-Sex Couples