My Fabulous Gay Wedding

The second season of My Fabulous Gay Wedding, also known as First Comes Love focuses on engaged same-sex couples and their journey into marriage. Please stay tuned for further information on the show!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Gay Swedes to Marry?

Right now, the Swedish Government grants Civil Partnerships for same-sex couples but they are approaching the subject of allowing full fledged marriages. It's the least Sweden can do after years of queers supporting Abba...

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Star Productions Spins for Gay Judge

On Saturday August 5th, 2006, Star Productions had the distinct honour of being involved in the marriage of Hon. Paula Hepner and Charmayne Henderson from New York City. The ceremony was performed by Toronto Justice Hon. Harvey Brownstone and Rev. Barbara Rosenfield Douglas at the Old Mill Inn and Spa.

Hon. Paula Hepner is the first judge from the United States to ever be married in Canada.

Star Productions would like to congratulate and celebrate all of those gay and lesbian couples that have decided to share their lives together. To those couples in the US, Star Productions encourages you to make the trip to Canada to enjoy the freedom and respect of a legally binding wedding.

Please visit their website at DJ 102.

Joa and Denis Celebrate their Fabulous Gay Wedding

After an 11 year courtship, Joa and Denis finally tied the knot in an emotional ceremony in the vault at One King West. "I was like, 'Oh my God! We're getting married in a vault? You guys are amazing'" claimed Joa after the civil ceremony. All awaited the first kiss as a married couple in the secluded room which used to be the vault of the King Street bank. Afterwards the guests enjoyed a 4-course meal catered by One King West itself.

The flowers were provided by Ladybug Florist on Church Street with the artistic intervention of Joa himself!
The stunning pin-stripe suits were provided by Tom's Place in Kensington Market. "The moment I saw that suit, I knew it was the one I wanted" said Denis after selecting their matching suits.
The 2 layer wedding cake was provided by our friends at Daniel et Daniel. The larger layer was a white chocolate mousse, while the smaller was a mango/cassis spongecake.
Karen and Eric Reid from Capture Your Day Photography provided their services for the entire evening surprising the boys.
The boys also made a quick trip to Salon One on Church Street to get properly groomed for the big day.

Elvira Kurt and Fern Cohen were delighted by how well everything turned out. "I feel as if we have really accomplished a Fabulous Gay Wedding" declared Kurt after a job well done. How will the next Fabulous Gay Wedding turn out?

Please enjoy some captures from the exciting wedding.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Capture Your Day Surprise Fabulous Gay Couple

Our kind friends Eric and Karen from Capture Your Day Photography surprised our couple Joa and Denis at their wedding last night. Host Elvira Kurt presented the photographers to the couple during dinner. "I didn't even notice them at first, I thought they were part of the crew!" claims Joa.

Capture Your Day Photography was founded in 1997 by Karen and Eric Reid in answer to the needs of couples looking for quality photography, made simple at an affordable price. Capture Your Day prides themselves on their ability to capture all the candid moments of the day.

Based out of Burlington, Ontario, Karen and Eric Reid have captured the special daysof couples tying the knot for almost 10 years and have over 30 years photographic experience collectively. We strive to capture expression,emotion, and the essence of the day as it unfolds. The candid and fun style of the photography we offer is ideal for shooting unconventional weddings. Most of the clients who come to us prefer a more relaxed and candid style and we pride ourselves on exceeding their expectations.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Kosher Dyke Wedding?

These stand-ups give some great one-liners about gay marriage. Laughing liberals pokes fun at the gay marriage ban. Took a look-see!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Asking Permission to Marry

This really cute PSA demonstrates how ridiculous it is to be asking millions of people for the right to marry. Take a look-see!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Gay South Africans to Wed by Year End!

The South African government has declared excluding same-sex couples from the right to marry to be unconstitutional. By December 2nd 2006, a Bill must be ready in order to include all people in the wedding woes. It's been quite a run for South Africa, it was only in 1998 that sodomy was decriminilized. Doesn't that make criminals out of most of us?

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Equal Marriage For Same-Sex Couples