My Fabulous Gay Wedding

The second season of My Fabulous Gay Wedding, also known as First Comes Love focuses on engaged same-sex couples and their journey into marriage. Please stay tuned for further information on the show!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Capture Your Day Surprise Fabulous Gay Couple

Our kind friends Eric and Karen from Capture Your Day Photography surprised our couple Joa and Denis at their wedding last night. Host Elvira Kurt presented the photographers to the couple during dinner. "I didn't even notice them at first, I thought they were part of the crew!" claims Joa.

Capture Your Day Photography was founded in 1997 by Karen and Eric Reid in answer to the needs of couples looking for quality photography, made simple at an affordable price. Capture Your Day prides themselves on their ability to capture all the candid moments of the day.

Based out of Burlington, Ontario, Karen and Eric Reid have captured the special daysof couples tying the knot for almost 10 years and have over 30 years photographic experience collectively. We strive to capture expression,emotion, and the essence of the day as it unfolds. The candid and fun style of the photography we offer is ideal for shooting unconventional weddings. Most of the clients who come to us prefer a more relaxed and candid style and we pride ourselves on exceeding their expectations.


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