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The second season of My Fabulous Gay Wedding, also known as First Comes Love focuses on engaged same-sex couples and their journey into marriage. Please stay tuned for further information on the show!

Friday, December 08, 2006

Cast Announced for Season Two of "First Comes Love"

Casting for season two of LOGO's "First Comes Love" is now complete. We are happy to announce the lucky couples getting the help of funnylady Elvira Kurt and wedding guru Fern Cohen for their big day! Please stay tuned for more news on First Comes Love!
Joa and Denis

After meeting on vacation in Greece 11 years ago, Joa decided to move from Germany to Toronto to be with Denis. Now, the families are coming in from overseas for the wedding and their newly purchased home has proven to be a true money pit! The entire budget for the wedding has been exasperated into home repair and these grooms are now planning a backyard wedding! It’s up to Elvira and Fern to call in a few favors to make a fabulous wedding happen on a shoestring budget!

Fern and Susan

Fern and Susan have been together for years, whether it’s thirteen or fifteen years depends on who you ask. These two can’t agree on anything, especially the guest list for their traditional Jewish ceremony. Oy vey! Their seven year-old son Ronny has never seen them fight until the talk of the wedding started. This however is all Ronny’s fault, who told his moms that they were just friends until they got married. A caterer has been hired and the guests all have the date, but no one knows where to go! Fern really wants an outdoor setting for her Chuppah but can’t find the right place. It is up to Fern Cohen and Elvira to find the perfect backdrop for this Jewish lesbian wedding!

Brian and Neal

Brian and Neal could not be more different. They are an interracial, interfaith, cross-generational couple looking to have that “wow factor” on their special day. Guests are unaware that the wedding will be a masquerade or that entertainment acts will be showcased. However, the wedding is three weeks away and Brian and Neal have yet to audition acts or purchase the masks for their wedding! On top of all that, Brian plans on catering the event himself! Can Elvira and Fern put the “Wow” into their wedding on such short notice?

Mandy and Denika

Mandy and Denika are two social workers from Chicago who work with kids and want children of their own. It’s important for them to start a family just like other families do: with marriage. They are determined to structure their wedding around the traditional ways but building new traditions with a gay twist! They also wish to include the broom-jumping ceremony performed by slaves in America when they were not allowed to marry. These two are having trouble making the arrangements for their big day and need Fern’s help to finalize their dreams. Having invited half of their flag-football team to the wedding, this is sure to be an exciting party for these sporty moms-to-be.

Thom and Juan

Thom and Juan fell in love in a nightclub in steamy Miami. They moved in together right away and are now planning a church ceremony for their wedding. Thomas has been part of Juan’s family for years, but still longs for a family of his own. Thom’s grandparents who raised him passed away and has only recently discovered who his father is, although this connection isn’t as perfect as it seems. Thom and Juan’s godson Michael is the most important link to their family, but he and his mother can’t make it to the wedding. Elvira needs to pull this family together for this special occasion while Fern makes the arrangements for a same-sex church wedding!

Jen and Emily

When Jen posted a roommate ad, never did she think she would find the woman of her dreams knocking on her door! Jen and Emily have already started a family with three unexpected children: their dogs! Their own families could not be more different. Jen’s family loves Emily and has accepted her with open arms. Emily’s parents are less than content with her engagement to Jen but they are still determined to have the best day of their lives. These girls really want a wedding that is memorable and above all “classic”. It’s up to Elvira and Fern to make these dog loving girls’ dreams come true.

Mike and Lane

Sir, yes sir! Elvira Kurt will be taking Mike and Lane through a Gay Wedding Boot Camp! Lane was a medic in the Airforce and Mike was a tanker in the army. Now these star-crossed loving soldiers are planning their big day in less than three weeks! Recent unresolved family feuds might impede Mike’s mother from attending, but Lane is determined to patch things up so that no one is missing while their military-style ceremony takes place in a surprise venue! Lane, the self proclaimed sports-nut, would love nothing more than the be wed on the centre-ice of a hockey arena, Mike on the other hand is more romantic and would prefer a more traditional setting. Can Fern and Elvira make both of these Privates happy?


  • At 3:24 PM, Blogger anniepal282 said…

    Way to go Lane!! I'm so happy for you! Congrats guys!

    Heather Palmer-Currey :)

  • At 10:56 AM, Anonymous Valerie said…

    Mike and Lane are good friends of mine. Those two guys are perfect together. I was unable to attend there wedding in Canada, but your crew did a remarkable job from what I see from the pictures I have seen. I know Mike and Lane were very happy and I am as well that there day was perfect. Congrats!!!!!!!


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