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Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Gay Marriage Thing Now Available for Home Viewing

An un-documentary that presents the politics, the piety and the people embroiled in and affected by the same-sex marriage debate, The Gay Marriage Thing resonates with everyday people on all sides of this heated issue. Twenty years from now history books will recount the events fueling the debate over same-sex marriage. What will get lost, however, in the telling of events are the human emotions. More than a documentary, The Gay Marriage Thing is a human history of the civil rights struggle of our time. In a constantly changing cultural landscape this quiet American story will remain a powerful window into the humanity of a great nation.

Director Stephanie Higgins’ extensive production experience from HD, editing, graphics and a host of roles in media production formed the technical motivation for directing and producing The Gay Marriage Thing. Winner of the prestigious Emerson College 2000 EVVY Award for Best Graduate Project upon earning her Master’s Degree in Visual Media Arts, Higgins has continued her driving desire to learn by delving into a wealth of production, editing, graphics design, and media manipulation applications. This multitude of experience has led Higgins to establish SassyMedia. The Gay Marriage Thing marks Higgins’ directorial debut.

The only film of its kind to present a balanced look at the politics, the piety, and the people embroiled in and affected by the debate over same-sex marriage, The Gay Marriage Thing has gained success at both gay and mainstream festivals including the Boston Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Reeling: The Chicago Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, The Breckenridge Festival of Film, The New England Film and Video Festival and this November will screen as part of the 2006 Artivist Film Festival in Hollywood.

It's biggest success so far, however, has been the discussions the film has started and deepened. Both straight and gay audiences resonate with The Gay Marriage Thing. The narrative style allows audiences to move beyond the headlines to human emotions.

View the Trailer here:

You can purchase the home video by calling The Cinema Guild at 1-800-723-5522.

Please visit the Official Website.


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