My Fabulous Gay Wedding

The second season of My Fabulous Gay Wedding, also known as First Comes Love focuses on engaged same-sex couples and their journey into marriage. Please stay tuned for further information on the show!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Elvira Kurt Loves Fabulous Gay Couples

After filming the first two episodes of First Comes Love/My Fabulous Gay Wedding, host Elvira Kurt has gotten to know both couples quite well. "Joa and Denis are such a handful! They're a riot!" says Elvira of the first couple. Joa, Denis and their families connected so well with Elvira, that Joa's mother even knitted a hat for Elvira's baby. Elvira isn't the only funny one on the set with these two around: "Denis actually keeps me on my toes, he's so quick! He also doesn't stop hitting on me!"

The laughter never stopped when Elvira chatted with Fern and Susan. "My sides hurt from laughing so much!" claimed Susan after a painfully funny interview with Elvira discussing their family plans. Fern wants Elvira to stick around after the shoot, "I hate thinking that this is over and we're not going to see her again! I really want to keep in touch!"

Elvira felt quite attached to both couples and really felt the love at both weddings. "I love being the one to give them so many pieces of good news!" Elvira presented Joa with an emotional message from his best friend in Germany which brought tears to the room. She also gave Fern a video message from her mother the day of the wedding after a very emotional argument with her about having a religious ceremony at a same sex wedding just a few days earlier. Elvira was there while Fern finally had closure on a very touchy subject with her mother.

Elvira is at them again, getting to know our next Fabulous Gay Couples: Brian and Neal are getting married in October in a very extravagant wedding! Jen and Emily are flying in from Virginia in December to finally get hitched! How will the next Fabulous Gay Weddings turn out? Please stay tuned and watch the first season on Logo!

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