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The second season of My Fabulous Gay Wedding, also known as First Comes Love focuses on engaged same-sex couples and their journey into marriage. Please stay tuned for further information on the show!

Friday, October 06, 2006

My Fabulous Gay Wedding FAQ and Audition Tips

Many of you have been emailing me with some great questions about the show and the casting process. I have put together and FAQ and some tips about auditioning for the show. Enjoy!

Q:Are you still casting for the show?
A: Yes we are. We are looking for energetic, fun, outgoing gay couples getting married in 2006.
Q: Where are you casting?
A:Couples must be getting married in the Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Niagara Falls or Vancouver areas.
Q:I don't live in those areas, but I'm getting married there. Can I apply for the show?
A:Yes you can! You can live anywhere in the United States or Canada as long as the actual wedding is taking place in one of the assigned areas.
Q:Why can't I have my commitment ceremony in my homestate featured on the show?
A:It is very important for us to feature legally valid same-sex marriages. Even if Americans will not have their marriage recognized in their home state, it is still a legally binding ceremony in Canada.
Q:Who is the host of the show?
A: Funny-lady extraordinaire Elvira Kurt is our smashing new host.
Q: What's it in for us?
A: Selected couples get an experience of a lifetime. They also receive a generous additional budget for the wedding, as well as a honeymoon package. The additional budget and the honeymoon package are to be discussed only with selected couples.
Q:How do I apply to the show?
A: You simply email and write a short story of how you two met, include some fun pictures and your contact information.
Q: I've been contacted by the show, they want an interview. What does that entail?
A: Couples that make it past the initial screening process are asked to be interviewed on tape. If you live in the Toronto area, a representative from the show will arrange to meet and videotape an interview for about one hour. If you live outside of the Toronto area, a representative of the show will arrange a date and time to call for a formal interview. The couple must provide a camcorder which uses Minicam tapes to film themselves for the show and mail it in. A phone with speakerphone would also be necessary.
Q: I really want to audition, but I don't want to make a decision about being on the show just yet. Is that okay?
A: Absolutely. There are no contractual obligations by simply auditioning. Only and when the release is signed are you obligated to go ahead with the show.
Q: I've seen last years episodes. Do you still plan the entire wedding for the couple?
A: This season is more documentary style than a make-over show. Couples are mostly planning their own wedding and we are documenting the process. The show does of course help cover costs and upgrades certain purchases to assure you really do have a Fabulous Gay Wedding!

Audition Tape Tips

1.- Relax. Before the audition, have a drink, take a walk, scream, do whatever it takes to feel completely relaxed. Being nervous is completely normal. Network executives understand if you are feeling a little tense, but try to be as relaxed as possible.
2.- If you are filming yourselves from home, please make sure you have a good camcorder, you are using it properly and that the camera is close to the both of you. Having a camera far away with an extreme zoom may look fine, but the audio won't be sufficient and your tape may be rejected.
3.- Be lively! Don't be afraid to tell a joke, or a funny story that happened to you. Network executives want to see very honest and joyful people. If it seems as if you aren't willing to laugh at yourself or connect with our humorous host, your chances of being selected are greatly reduced.
4.- Be yourselves! We aren't looking for perfect people. There is no need to pretend to be Mary Poppins, Donna Reed or a Brady. Act how you normally act around new people. If you are on the show, you will be working with lots of new people. We need to be sure you are the way you portray yourself on video.
5.- Dress for success. Make sure you are dressed in colors contrasting those behind you (walls, couch, etc). Don't wear your pyjamas or houseclothes. Dress exactly how you would dress on shooting days, but don't go overglam either!


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