My Fabulous Gay Wedding

The second season of My Fabulous Gay Wedding, also known as First Comes Love focuses on engaged same-sex couples and their journey into marriage. Please stay tuned for further information on the show!

Monday, October 02, 2006 Also Looking for Gay Couples!

Having met many same-sex couples during the process of the show, I've realized that many don't have close friendships with other gay couples. Where are you all? I found out where! is a site where gay couples can find each other for fun or "fun".

Please visit them when you get a chance. Here's a little blurb from the co-founder, Russ:

An online community by gay couples, of gay couples, and for gay couples

We know first hand that it's often difficult for gay couples to meet other gay couples. Personally, we tried various internet groups and websites, but came to realize they're mostly just a marketplace for porn sites, mortgages and erectile dysfunction aids. Our quest to meet or correspond with other committed gay couples led us to create Our desire to provide an online experience where gay and lesbian couples can connect with one another, and who really are looking to meet, correspond with, seeking travel companions, or simply just expand their social network with other gay and lesbian couples!

We personally review each and every profile, and approve every member; this ensures our community lives up to its mission... as a place by gay couples, of gay couples, and for gay couples. Some members may be looking for friendships only, others may be seeking playmates -- either is okay, we just ask that you respect the intentions of other members.
Please take a look at some profiles and make sure to tell t hem My Fabulous Gay Wedding sent you!


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