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Friday, October 20, 2006

Homophobic Gardeners in Texas?

A Homophobic business in Texas doesn't seem that out of the ordinary, but to make their homophobia stated in writing knowing how easily things leak on the interner? It's totally priceless. I know this has nothing to do with gay weddings, but I wanted to post it anyways. The original link blurb was on Please read their email back to a potential client:

From: Garden Guy Inc
Date: October 18, 2006 9:08:36 AM CDT
To: [xxxxxx]
Subject: Cancel Appt -Garden Guy
Dear Mr. [X],

I am appreciative of your time on the phone today and glad you
contacted us. I need to tell you that we cannot meet with you because we choose not to
work for homosexuals.

Best of luck in finding someone else to fill your landscaping needs.

All my best,


Todd and Sabrina Farber
Owners, Garden Guy, Inc.

visit us at: Garden Guy, Inc

Member of the Association of Professional Landscape Designers

Creating beautiful landscaping for Houston homeowners since 1991!

Phone 281-208-4400
Fax 1+801-365-9353

Doesn't it seem overtly courtious for such an offensive letter? Oh, and feel free to email or fax or call them for your "landscaping needs". Just don't tell them who sent you *wink*.


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