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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Canadian Band The Habit's Song "Fighter" Stands up for Same Sex Marriage

Stephen Harper's recent announcement that he will be holding a free vote for MPs to revisit the law on same-sex marriage has caused on uproar in the gay community. It has only been since July 2005 that the Canadian senate passed the law making it legal for same sex couples to marry at the federal lever. Now Harper wishes to tap the sensitive subject again, despite concerns of upsetting various groups and communities. Fighter, the latest single from Canadian group The Habit shouts the political message that marriage should be up to the individuals and the love between them.

"We are hoping to get Fighter on every Member of Parliament's iPod this summer so they vote the right way this fall!" claims lead singer Darren Rogers. This Ottawa based band was formed in November 2004 and made its way up to its 8 member group and remains a popular staple in the indi-music crowd.

The Habit had thought they could wait until the summer to release the song Fighter, when their upcoming album would be finished. However, with the Harper government confirming that it plans to re-open the debate “sooner rather than later”, The Habit felt they had to speak up now.

Fighter is available for free download on The Habit’s website, and at


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